Kids' Website Awards
If you have or know of a great kids website that deserves to have a
Great "KIDS WEBSITE AWARD" on it.  Please fill out the form below.
If we feel the site is kid safe and meets our requirements we will be
happy to give an award to be placed on the website.
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Kids Website Award Guidelines:
Website shall be safe for kids and honoring online safety.  Website shall not link to any profanity or negative unfriendly
and/or adult content links.  This award is given out of kindness and understanding of the hard work many put into making
fun and safe sites for kids.  A lot of work goes unnoticed. We would like to give a sign of recognition for their hard work.  It
is nothing fancy, but it something.  We will look forward to viewing and giving a award to place on your site.  Thank you!
This is new as of 2014.  Click here to see winners.